Study Permit

Vancouver is very friendly to international students. After graduating from college, a high percentage of international students stay in the local area after completing their studies to pursue their career.

H&L Immergration has the whole system which can help you from

  • Education plan
  • Visa Service
  • Job Matching
  • Immigration

So you can have a completed  plan from a foreigner to Permanent Resident, go much faster than other people!

Public College 2 years study + 3 years work permit

  • Compared to other English speaking countries, Canada has very competitive tuition fees and diversity programs. The tuition fee for two years Diploma is around $32,000-$38,000 (Depends on your major and school )
  • Types: Certificate,  Diploma, Bachelor, Post-Graduated
  • You can also register to language school to get a seat for a public college while you prepare your English entry, so you can skip the official language exam.
  • Graduated students can apply for a Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP), it is an open work permit up to 3 years, students can have enough time to get an ideal position and also have the chance to have the work experience to apply PR in the future. 

Private College 6 months + 6 months / 1 year + 1 year

  • It is a special education system you can only get in Canada. International students can have work permit while they are studying in college 
  • Half period is Academic studies, aim to let students have the practical job-ready skills  (Students can work as part-time upto 20 hours a week),Half period is paid Internship, students will have the chances to integrate academic studies with related employment experience (students can work full time upto 40 hours a week)
  • Friendly tuition fee, school have Co–op Programs will provide you with a great opportunity to integrate academic studies with related employment experience.
  • Lower English entry requirement and have ESL pathway program to enter college without the official English test.
  • Students can have chance to apply work permit from employer (LMIA) after they graduated from school

Language School ESL

  • Flexible time schedule, weekly open intake
  • Vancouver is a multicultural city, easier for international students to adapt the environment 
  • The tuition fee is lower than other English speaking countries.
  • You can apply study permit if register the course over 25 weeks

Vancouver living cost reference

CAD/month Accomodation Meal Transportation Internet
Homestay $900 – $1200
(meals included)
$0 Skytrain + Bus

Monthly fee:

One Zone:$98

Two Zone:$138

(unlimited phone call)
Share House $700 – $1400 Cook by yourself:

$400 – $800
(dine out is around $15-$40 per meal )

Skytrain + Bus

Monthly fee:

One Zone:$98

Two Zone:$138

(unlimited phone call)